FPSO Ballast Tank Class Inspection using mini-ROVs

Mini-ROV Class Survey System

Summary of Benefits
•  Efficient surveys – project durations can be reduced by up-manning to 24 hour operations or 2 work fronts.
•  Longer dive times (compared to divers) :

•  No dive time limits
•  Quick deployments and permit processes
•  Higher operating limits – Wave Height 4 m and 2 knot current- diving normally ceases at Hs 3m and
1 knots)
•  ROV configured to complete multiple tasks in one dive to reduce reconfiguration, multiple dives on
one component: water blasting, CP and visual inspection (HD video).

•  Reduced team sizes (3-4 POB compared to > 8 POB plus client rep for divers )
•  Eliminating support vessels, significantly reducing operational costs and disruption to operations.
•  Reduced costs – over 3 times cheaper than (asset deployed) divers
•  Eliminating HSEQ Risk – removing divers/manned entry.
•  Rapid mobilization – air freight.
•  Improved data quality
•  Integrated Geo Oceans and Vertech Group – Single contractor with multidiscipline ROV, tank, hull and
rope access offshore inspection team
•  Zero downtime – Flexible deployment options and scopes to coordinate fallback work (e.g. tanks) in times
of poor weather

Mini-ROV Class Survey System – Asset Deployed ROV Technology

Each Mini-ROV Class Survey System (CSS) for asset deployed remote hull UWILD and tank

Class inspection consists of the following technology components:

2 x Teledyne Seabotix vLBV300 ROV
Advanced spares and tool kit
Fibre Optic Tether Termination / Repair Kit
vLBV300 Hull Crawler Unit (vLBC)
Magnetic stabilisation system
1 x 300m ROV deck Lead and 3 x subsea tethers
ROV Launch and Recovery System
ROV Tether Management System inc. tight line installed aft to fwd
Digital Video Recorder (Digital Edge) and Data Management

2 x HD Cameras
3 X SD tooling cameras
Stereo 3D Camera System (modelling)
Probe camera (22mm OD with 4 m spool)

Scanning Sonar
Sonar reflectors

5000 psi High Pressure Water Blaster
Mechanical Sport Cleaning Tool

Two Function Actuator Arm
Grabber Arm
Chain Calliper / Gauge

NDT / Sensors
A-scan Ultrasonic Thickness Probe
Cathodic Protection Contact Probe
Cathodic Protection Proximity Probe

Mini-ROV Class Survey System Technology

Other technology integrated with the Mini-ROV CSS:

NDT / Sensors
ACFM weld crack defects
C-scan UT – corrosion mapping
Leak detection
Water quality profilers (e.g. ADCP)

Penetration isolation plugs
Torque tool
Seabed sediment collection

Navigation / Survey
Survey-grade positioning
Multi-beam sonar
Laser scanner or profiler

Cleaning tools
Cavitation cleaner
Mechanical scraper

Mini ROV Class Survey System

ROV Vessel Inspection UWILD Capabilities Trial

FPSO Ballast Tank Class Inspection using mini ROVs