Ships need to be on the move. There is no money for wasting valuable time and space on malfunctioning systems and machinery. We are well aware of that fact. So our engineers are always searching for the right balance between the highest level of reliability and the most cost-effective solution in our engineering designs. This way of thinking results in extremely practical engineering.
With clever compact hydraulic systems to save valuable space on board or our wide range of heavy-duty winches, we aim to provide solutions that literally make the difference.

Our Maritime solutions include:

  • Hydraulic power systems
  • Manifolds
  • Drives and control systems
  • Helicopter refueling systems
  • Oil filtration systems
  • Winch systems 
  • Reelers & spoolers
  • Launch and recovery systems
  • Valve actuation and controls
  • Ballast control systems

” It’s all about finding the balance between cost reduction, clever innovations, quality and tailor-made design. “

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