LESER Safety valves for all industrial applications

Safety valves for all industrial applications

LESER Safety valves for all industrial applications


LESER-API-Safety valve


Pressure valves according to API 526 with standardized capacities and dimensions

LESER-Pilotventil-Pilot valve-Safety valve

High Efficiency

Solutions for high plant efficiency

LESER-Thermal relief valve-Thermisches Sicherheitsventil-Safety valve

Compact Performance

Safety valves with compact dimensions and high connection variety

LESER-High Performance-Safety valve

High Performance

Safety valves for all industrial applications

LESER-Proportioning valve-Modulating valve-Safety valve

Modulate Action

Safety valves for low pressure dynamics


Best Availability

Additional products for higher plant availability

LESER-Clean Service-Type 483-Safety valve-Sicherheitsventil_01

Clean Service

Safety valves for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications

LESER-Critical Service-PTFE valve-Safety valve-Sicherheitsventil

Critical Service

Safety valves with PTFE-lining for corrosive media

LESER-Heater valve-Heizungsventil-Safety-valve-Sicherheitsventil


Safety valves for heating systems