Transducers and Transmitters


Transducers & Transmitters

Nhan Viet ICS JSC offers transducers and transmitter in Viet Nam market


Transducers are voltage-output devices that can be used with simple signal conditioning but are more sensitive to electromagnetic interference. The electrical resistance of the connecting cable can cause significant errors if the cable is long. They require three or four connecting wires to supply power and deliver the output signal.


Transmitters are current-output devices and may have two or three wires. Where two wires are used to both receive power and transmit an output signal, significant cost savings can be made where long cables are needed. They are frequently scaled to vary from 4 mA to 20 mA as the pressure varies from minimum to maximum.

Transducers - Transmitters

Pressure transducer/transmitter is a highly accurate, compact, economical and repeatable transducer for gauges and absolute pressure ranges.

Pneumatic Transmitter

Pneumatic transmitter assists in the coordination of key functional areas within facilities.

Panel Meter


Digital panel meter is a multi-purpose, custom-programmable meter.

Specialty Transducers


Pressure transducer is ideal when a durable and economical pressure transducer is needed.



Submersible transmitter combines ruggedness with proven sensor technology for satisfying challenging applications.



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