Wellhead Control Solutions

"Nhan Viet ICS JSC offers wellhead control solutions in Viet Nam market."

Nhan Viet ICS JSC understands that the Wellhead Control is the most critical part of every offshore or onshore facility.  We understand that the Wellhead is designed to ensure:

  • Personnel are protected
  • Production is maintained, no nuisance tripping
  • Assets are protected
  • Environment is protected

Nhan Viet has provided systems for all types of environments from; -40°C to 170°C, high caustic requiring Inconel tubing and painted SS 316L enclosures.

Nhan Viet understands the SIL standards and requirements.  Nhan Viet has built SIL 4 systems and uses that expertise to provide the highest SIL Level components in every system we design and build.


Multi Well Modular and Expandable Systems

The Multi Well Modular System was originally designed for marginal fields to allow for expansion and deletion of wells as well as to change from production to injection as required by the production.

This allows for optimum interchangeability with minimal downtime.   It has now become the industry standard.

PLC based Wellhead Control Systems

PLC based Wellhead Control Systems are growing in use for companies that want to extract optimized output from remote oil and gas fields.  This allows for safe, efficient, and effective remote well site management.

The PLC bases system provides reduced installation cost by combining many of the monitoring and control for PID Control, Shutdown Functions, Online Monitoring, Alarm & SCADA, and Diagnostics.

Single Well Self-Contained Solar Power System

Single Well units are designed for primarily onshore locations.  Most of these locations are remote, do not have reliable power supply, and are in unmanned areas.  Some applications include extremely harsh offshore applications.

The systems can range from very simple to more sophisticated systems with remote control and monitoring features that require the use of Solar Power.  The use of Solar Power requires the experience and understanding of the complete system and ability to utilize components that are energy efficient and reliable in harsh conditions.

The typical specification requires design for catastrophic event of loss of sunlight and multiple cycling of the well.  WT Petrotech has provided these types systems from the harsh jungle environment to the extreme desert environment.

Emergency Shutdown – ESD and Fusible Plug Loop System

The Emergency Shut Down (ESD)/Fusible Loop system is a critical sub-system of the overall “Oil Field” safety system. The Fusible loop system can be used as a stand-alone alarm only system, which activates automatically by fusible elements throughout the facility. Often they are used in conjunction with an ESD system to shut-in production, activate a “Water Deluge” system and sound a fire alarm.

With many models available the most common one is made of 316SS NEMA 4x (IP-65) enclosure/316L 3/8” x .035 tubing.

Power Supply Options for Wellhead Control

WT Petrotech is always up to the challenges of the changing methods, environmental conditions, and areas of oil and gas production.  We realize that creative methods of powering the Wellhead Control are required.

They include:

  •  Pneumatic
  •  Hydraulic
  •  Flow Line Gas
  •  Solar Power
  •  Water Injection

Remote Terminal Units – RTU & SCADA

Oil and Gas is being produced in more remote locations than ever before.  WT Petrotech provides the RTU for Remote Control & Monitoring of Wellhead Controls as well as other oil field equipment.  The Wellhead RTU must be properly designed with the Wellhead Control to ensure accurate and reliable communication is provided.

This includes the following systems and solutions:

  • Buoy control systems
  • Remote valve monitoring systems
  • Online hydraulic monitoring
  • UHF/VHF radio systems
  • Fiber-optic networks (SDH/PDH)


Our specialist will help you find a suitable solution.

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