GRP and GRE Solutions

NHAN VIET ICS JSC offers GRP-and-GRE-Solution in Viet Nam market.

GRE pipes are alternative to carbon steel pipes especially for corrosive, aggressive and normal duties, higher strength than the common of GRP pipes

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

GRP piping is suitable for:

GRP is an extremely useful material within a number of different and varied industries. Ranging from hotels to construction, marine docks to education, GRP is very versatile and can be easily fitted to any location within any industry.

GRP products are growing in their use and popularity, and that is down to the long list of advantages that GRP offers to any application. The innate qualities of GRP make it a highly desired material for use.

Some GRP advantages:

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Low Maintenance



Corrosion Resistant

UV Stability


Weathers Well

Anti-Slip Finish

Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE)

GRE piping is suitable for:

Plant process piping

Oil & Gas flow lines, up to 4000 psi pressure

Potable water distribution schemes

Power plant piping

Offshore platform applications

Downhole tubing and casing

Some GRE advantages:

It is cheaper over the project life because it does not corrode

There is improved flow capacity due to lower pipe friction characteristics

It require little or no maintenance unlike carbon steel

It is suitable for use in swamp (sweet and salt) water environment which is corrosive and aggressive

It weighs far less than carbon steel, which is a major advantage for offshore applications

It is cheaper and faster to install than carbon steel.

GRP and GRE Technology

GRP Technology

The design philosophy of GRP pipes is to provide products with suitable properties and the required margin of safety that will enable the pipe to work satisfactory after an extended period of operation (50 years) under typical service conditions.

for "thermal insulator" -- a North American variant of C-glass) are resistant to chemical attack; both are often found in insulation-grades of blown fiberglass.

GRE Technology

Glass Reinforced Epoxy or GRE pipes are a valid alternative to carbon steel pipes especially for corrosive, aggressive and normal environments.


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