Thermoplastic Materials


Polymers can be separated into plastics and rubbers

As engineering materials, it is appropriate to divide them into the following three categories:

  1. Thermoplastic polymers

  2. Thermosetting polymers

  3. Elastomers

where (1) and (2) are plastics and (3) are rubbers

Welding rods Thermoplastic


Solid materials at room temperature but viscous liquids when heated to temperatures of only a few hundred degrees. This characteristic allows them to be easily and economically shaped into products. They can be subjected to heating and cooling cycles repeatedly without significant degradation.


Cannot tolerate repeated heating cycles as thermoplastics can. When initially heated, they soften and flow for molding. Elevated temperatures also produce a chemical reaction that hardens the material into an infusible solid. If reheated, thermosets degrade and char rather than soften.


that exhibit extreme elastic extensibility when subjected to relatively low mechanical stress. Some elastomers can be stretched by a factor of 10 and yet completely recover to their original shape. Although their properties are quite different from thermosets, they share a similar molecular structure that is different from the thermoplastics

Semi-finished products made of thermoplastics

We offer you a comprehensive range of semi-finished and machined thermoplastic products in a wide selection of shapes and formats. Whether it be sheets, round rods, tubes, films, coils or welding wire, choose from our many, different dimensions and colours.

With our Megasheet™ we can deliver, for example, pressed sheets in the format 6,000 x 2,500 mm.

As well as a variety of formats, our strength lies in excellent material and process proficiency which is reflected in our products. The manufacturing processes include extrusion, pressing and skiving as well as other process stages.

Depending on the manufacturing process, different properties and characteristics of decisive importance for processing and use are achieved.

Round rods & tubes

As a part of our extensive range of semi-finished products made of thermoplastics, you will receive round rods and tubes made of thermoplastics. We offer you round rods and tubes made of:

Industrial plastics

  • PE, PP
  • PVC
  • ABS

Engineering plastics

  • LubX
  • Matrox
  • PPE, PC
  • Gußpolyamid

High-performance plastics



PlasticsWelding rods

We offer welding rods made of Polystone® and Trovidur® to complement our extensive range of sheet material. They are optimally tailored to the sheet material to be welded, allowing a permanently secure bond to be achieved, and lend themselves very well to processing with all standard thermal welding methods.

Permanently secure bond

The common use of welding rods, sheet material and U and hollow profiles from Röchling delivers optimum processability, long-term strength and particularly high stability in the components to be welded. The risk of complaints and possible consequential losses caused by faulty material is minimised.

Product range

Röchling offers a comprehensive range of welding rods in all standard cross-sections. Supply forms:

  • loose roll (5 kg and 10 kg)
  • coil (3 kg and 10 kg)
  • rods in lengths of 1000 or 2000 mm

Special products and other geometries are available on request.

Cemented Systems

PVC-U System

PVC-U System

PVC-C System

PVC-C System

ABS System

ABS System



Schedule 80 PVC

Schedule 80 PVC

Schedule 40 PVC

Schedule 40 PVC

Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 CPVC

Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 CPVC


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