We believe service is the next best thing we have to offer. It’s just a fraction behind our main goal of providing you with practical solutions to meet your requirements and demands. But our service and support goes far beyond delivering quality products and solutions.

An increasing number of our customers is active around the globe and demand for worldwide servicing is growing. We are well aware of the crucial importance of global servicing, maintenance and repairs; malfunctioning can cause costly delays and hazardous situations. An adequate response to solve these problems is therefore essential.

Wherever services might be needed; on board a ship, on a rig in the open seas, or in a major port along the international shipping routes, we are able to meet those demands. From service locations in all three key maritime areas, we offer worldwide services from commissioning and after-sales support to preventive maintenance, inspections, repairs or delivery of spare parts.

We offer specialised services for:

  • Offshore equipment
  • Repair / refurbishment of hydraulic equipment
  • Field services
  • Repair / refurbishment of cylinders

” Our self-supporting and qualified service engineers are standing by to act on any service request, anywhere, anytime. “

Thanks to significant stocks held locally in both component and subassemblies, we can quickly deliver spare parts and components to our customers. For the EMEA region we are a distribution partner for reputable brands. Moreover we have our own range of filtration technologies under the brand name RMF Systems.

The market recognises that oil contamination causes 80% of all mechanical failures in hydraulic systems. Flushing causes turbulent flows and thus can be considered as a useful solution to remove oil contamination and achieve the required oil cleanliness level and thus operation of your system. We design a range of electrically driven hydraulic flushing units capable of flushing and pressurizing process lines from 1/8” to 3”.

To meet temporary requests for additional capacity, or for temporary replacement of your existing systems, we offer rental equipment that can optionally be operated by our service engineers, including hydraulic power units, flushing units, power packs, condition- monitoring units, off-line filtration units and vacuum dehydration purifying units.

Want to know how we can help you?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our service engineers are available 24/7.

  • Parts and services (~2M)